Best Places To Hunt Coyotes

Although the most renowned places in the United States where you can hunt coyote lay in the Southwest of the country, in the states of New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Arizona, the coyote's increasing spread means that you can find a place to hunt them somewhere near you. This means you don't have to travel long distances for a couple days of fun and concentrate more time on the hunting itself. But knowing what things to look for when picking a place to make your stand or what things can help in taking an advantage is an art every hunter must learn in order to have a pleasant coyote hunting experience.
First of all, you must know that a good planning strategy when making your pre-hunt scouting, or in deciding on the places to actually hunt, makes that rest a whole lot easier. This includes obtaining permission to hunt on private land ahead of time, by talking to the owners. If you wish to hunt in a specific area, make a exploration trip in normal clothing, and make that first impression a good one.

In the regions mentioned above the settings are perfect for hunting coyotes, with a midway area connecting the desert-type areas with juniper/pinon covered mounds. Undulating, tree sheltered hills open up into fingerlike ridges, with dry wash ditches in between, open in the bottom, brushy all along the sides and, if you stand on high ground, these are the ideal ambush places for making stands.

If you're calling alone, you should at all times find a high spot on the ground to call from. If you are hunting with a companion, surveillance and calling to the upwind is very well. But if you are hunting on your own, watch the downwind side all the time. If it's possible too, make the brush at your back sufficiently heavy so that it serves as a barricade.
However, besides the southwestern part of the United States, there are other places just as good for hunting coyotes. Finding your favorite, or your nearest, depends on how well you search for them. Alabama for example, has intense tree cover, but man has made fractures in that scenery for shooting paths and vantage sake by cutting power lines right-of-ways, clearings of farm field, and so forth. But Mother Nature makes clearings in thick cover too. Look after the spots that can put the benefit of a surprise attack on your side, not the coyote's, because it survives by habitually using these factors to its advantage.