Coyote Attacks

Most of you don't know that coyotes can be very violent animals. You might have asked yourself if these animals are capable of attacking people. The answer is yes and they attack not only humans but also dogs, cats, rabbits, deer etc. As a matter of fact, every small to medium animal can become a potential victim.

Coyote Attacks on Humans

In the year 1983 in Los Angeles, a coyote attacked a three year old girl and killed her while she was playing outside - so take these animals seriously. From 1993 until 1997 there were seven coyote attacks on humans in Arizona, with over half in 1997. In 2000 and 2001 there were 2 attacks of a coyote, one of a 9-year-old-boy and the other of a 3-year-old boy. Both of them survived.

If you find yourself in a situation where you see a coyote in the nearby vicinity, it is advisable to just simply watch the animal and see what its reactions are. In a normal situation, the coyote won't run but it won't come near you. In this case, the coyote is more interested in the surroundings rather than you but it will keep an eye to see what will be your next move, just to make sure you won't approach it.

If you find yourself in the position of being in the surroundings of an approaching coyote don't lose your grip because in some cases, these animals are just curios (it is a known fact that these animals sometimes follow people just out of curiosity). Of course, you won't know what its intentions are; you will have to take some precautions. In comparison with bears, you mustn't play dead with coyotes, on the contrary, you must do everything possible to scare them away; be courageous with other words; you should yell, wave your arms, throw something at them and always keep eye contact. Just like dogs, these animals can sense fear so you have to hide that you are afraid and prove that you won't give up that easy.

Specialists affirm that children are the most vulnerable people. They must be advised to fight back and also they mustn't be left wondering around where there is a coyote population. But the good thing is that coyotes rarely attack people.

Coyote Attacks on Dogs

Dogs should be kept in yards and also you shouldn't leave dog food around because it will attract coyotes. Coyotes and dogs are known for the fact that they don't get along at all: coyotes are known to kill small dogs while big dogs kill coyotes. All these because they are closely related and they compete for food and territory - just like humans do, but in a different, more violent way.
In order to prevent your dog from being attacked by a coyote, you should keep him on a short leash in the park and if you decide to let him go off his leash, make sure that you keep a close eye on him as dogs enjoy snooping around in weedy areas and such areas are preferred by coyotes. Use a very short leash if you walk your dog late in the night because this is the time when the coyotes hunt for food.

It is recommended to install a backyard fence to prevent coyotes from entering your yard. This fence should be at least 6 ft. high so that the coyote cannot jump over it. Take into consideration that these animals like digging so install a vinyl lattice 2 to 3 feet below the ground in order to prevent any tunneling.

Coyote Attacks on Cats

Besides dogs, coyotes have a serious problem with cats; as a matter of fact these two don't get along at all. An interesting thing: the coyote is considered to be the protector of birds due to the fact that coyotes keep the populations of feral cats low and thus they save birds. This is why the U.S.A. desert areas are not overpopulated with cats but filled with birds and also other small wildlife animals. Cats should be kept indoors in order to protect them not only from coyotes but also from hawks and other potential dangers like cars. You shouldn't have any real reason to concern but some precautions should be taken; also stay alert of what happens around your area.

Coyote Attacks on Other Animal

Besides cats and dogs, coyotes will attack other animals as well. When a coyote attacks a goat or a sheep they usually bite the throat behind the jaw (below the ear). The animals usually die from shock, suffocation or due to the fact that they lose a lot of blood. When coyotes attack small preys like lambs or kids (very rare), they usually kill by biting the head, back or neck which causes huge bone damage.

Some coyotes will cause death when they attack the flanks which will cause not only shock but also a big quantity of blood loss. A coyote, in some cases, attacks cows that are giving birth by biting the cow's genital organs. Some animals that are attacked by coyotes will not die right away but they will eventually due to the fact that they are seriously injured or have suffered infections (even if these animals will receive immediate medical treatment, only a few survive unfortunately).

All things considered, coyote attacks should be seriously taken into consideration because although these animals rarely attack, when they do it, it is usually fatal not only for animals but also for humans in some unfortunate cases. Take all the safety precautions so that you won't have any problems.

Coyote attack on deer