Coyote Decoys

With any type of hunting the decoy, location, positioning and scent are the most important things hunters need to pay close attention to if they want to get proper results. The addition of movement has been proven to bring more animals into range. When properly used, a coyote decoy helps to focus the attention of an approaching coyote onto the decoy and off the hunter, improving the hunter's chances for a better shot.

If you are willing to improve your chances for a successful coyote hunting experience then you should try using some coyote decoys. A simple ground squirrel has proven to be efficient because this decoy makes the coyote to focus on the ground squirrel (resulting that he won't be distracted by the electronic caller nor the human one). Another alternative is to use a rabbit; it doesn't cost that much, it is easier to carry around and more life-like comparing to a hand wrapped body placed under the skin of a coyote.
Good fresh bobcat urine, rabbit urine, or red fox urine is all that you need if you don't prefer the previous solutions. You can dispense it into the air or place it into some dispensing unit. Of all these, the bobcat urine is the most efficient because coyotes eat cats and they love the smell. It doesn't matter if you have bobcats in your area or not, it works in both situations.

The use of an actual coyote decoy can improve the overall results, but under certain circumstances and also at specific times during the time of a year. Nowadays, regarding the fact that coyotes are denning and also whelping, the use of a coyote decoy in combination with howling and/or other coyote vocalizations have proved to be effective. In order to get to this level of efficiency you ought to have a comprehensive understanding when it comes down to the vocabulary of a coyote and also their social structure.
On the other side, a life-like coyote decoy should be used in a location where the hunter has the certainty that the decoy will not become a possible target for the road hunters and/or others. A major part of the year, considering that coyotes are being essentially non-confrontational in the nature, the presence of an odd looking "coyote" will most likely cause closing coyotes to make their enclosure in thick cover in which they will remain undetected and it will cause bobcats to do the same thing.

A piece of advice: it will cost you less money than a full life-size mount to assemble a tripod frame from a half inch aluminum tubing - you must drape a darken coyote hide over the tripod in order to make it look like a sitting coyote, giving it a real look. Coyotes aren't clever enough to make the difference and for this reason, the set up works quite well. You should get good results if you do this the right way, without any mistakes.

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