Coyote Hunting Gear

For our readers that are interested in learning more about what calls to use for coyote hunting, along with useful instructions regarding how to call, what products to choose and many other similar topics, we have created the coyote calls section, which we divided into three distinct subpages for mouth blown, howler and electronic calls.

Another interesting topic about coyote hunting is choosing out the appropriate clothing. Although there are many out there that say that coyotes are colorblind, it has been proven that wearing camo clothing is beneficial. Visit the coyote clothing section for more information about this topic.

To increase your chances of bagging more coyotes, why not buy a couple of decoys? If you don't know what you should get or you want to learn more about how to use them efficiently, we have prepared a coyote decoys section where we've provided all the necessary info about these products.
Probably some of the most efficient additions to any coyote hunting equipment would be the lures and scents that draw these animals into your shooting range. Find out about food lures, curiosity lures, passion scents, natural scents, along with cover scents and relevant examples of products; all these by having a look at our coyote lures & scents section.

To become a more efficient coyote hunter, you might want to install a rifle scope to get a better view of what's going on in the hunting field. If you want to learn about the most suitable scopes along with tips & tricks regarding this topic, make sure that you visit our coyote scopes section.

Another method of catching coyotes would be to use traps. Find out which are the most popular and efficient coyote traps out there, along with instructions of how to use them and what baits to use. Visit our coyote traps section for a full and comprehensive guide about this subject.