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Coyote Snaring & Trapping

Advertising On CoyoteHuntingInfo Coyote Trapping Method 2: The Blind Set
We explain how one can trap coyotes using the blind set method.

Coyote Trapping Method 1: The Baited Set
We explain how one can trap coyotes using the baited set method.

Dirt Hole Set (Up Close Step by Step)
This Dirt Hole Set video "UP CLOSE" is a step by step guide for making one of the most utilized upland trapsets.

Coyote Trapping Flat Set
This is a clip from my Basic Coyote Trapping DVD on how I make a flatset. Kaatz Bros

Setting power snares for coyotes in a new location
This is what I do and look for when setting out a new location.

Coyote Trapping - A Simple Guide
A quick and easy way to set up a coyote tap for the dogs who come to close to children's homes.

How to make coyote snares for Power Rams
How to make coyote snares for Power Rams.

Coyote snaring in New Brunswick
Coyote snaring in New Brunswick.

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