Coyote Trapping: The Baited Set

Baited sets are any set that uses some form of bait as the main attractant. It could be carcasses to butcher scraps, basically anything that coyotes eat. Coyotes are scavengers just as much as a predator, and are easily attracted by bait. Sets are made in their travelways in and out of the bait. Snares are generally used at bait sites, but leghold can also be used. Generally it takes a week or two for the coyote to get accustomed to coming to the food source and to make trails.
Once trails are established, snares or traps are placed on the trails. This type of set requires some type of cover to funnel animals into trails. The cover could be as little as tall grass to mature forests. Gang setting is the best way to trap near baits, with a minimum of three sets usually used and as many as two dozen. Bait sets are the most productive method to catch coyotes but require large quantities of bait and take time to develop.

Baited Set Method Video