How To Build A Live Coyote Trap

Due to the reason that coyotes have expanded their native range in a significant matter, in some areas they have become a real nuisance. Whether you plan on hunting coyotes or you simply want to remove them from a certain area, you will need to learn how to build a coyote trap, unless you want to buy one. Here are the things that you will need in order to build a homemade coyote trap: 1/8 inch aircraft cable, 1/4 inch hex nuts, 3/8 inch flat washer, 5/32 inch drill bit, wire cutters, vise, anvil and a hammer.

1. First you will need to cut a 1/8-inch aircraft cable with wire cutters to a 48-inch length;
2. After that, drill a 5/32-inch hole at the 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock positions on the flat washer half way from the center hole of the washer to the outer edge of the washer;

3. You will now need to pinch the washer in a bench vise so that half of the washer will extend above the jaws of the vise and the other half is gripped by the vise. One of the drilled holes should be at the bottom and the other at the top;

4. Through a 1/4-inch nut, thread the aircraft cable, and then back through the nut going the opposite direction, forming a loop in the cable. You will now need to tighten that loop until it is 3/4-inch in diameter;

5. Your next job would be to lay the nut with the cable by running through it on the edge on an anvil. The edge of the nut must be hammered by pinching it tightly across the strands of the cable, thus securing the loop;
7. Push the end of the cable that is unlooped through a 1/4-inch nut and place this nut on the edge of an anvil by using 1/2-inch of cable protruding through the nut's center;

8. Your final step would be to hammer the nut's edge until it will flatten and grip tightly onto the strands of the cable.

Remember to check your local laws to see if you are allowed to use cable restraints. Usually, a trapping license is necessary to set the restraints on the land that you do not own.

How To Build A Live Coyote Trap