Venture North Outfitting, Edmonton, Alberta

1. When was the business opened ? When did you start to provide such services ?
VNO has been offering full-service guided hunts since 2001 (now going into our 11th year). We are an incorporated hunting business operating under the name Venture North Outfitting (VNO).

2. How many coyote hunting expeditions do you do ?
Typically 3 or 6 day hunts, however we offer custom packages upon request - individual, group, and corporate packages.

3. Are you just 1 single guide, or you have a bigger team ? If the answer is yes, then how many ? Also what kind of experience do you/they have (for how many years do you/they hunt coyotes for example).
We maintain a roster of contract guides - all with substantial varmint hunting experience. Alberta has a 2:1 ratio legal requirement. We can facilitate one-on-one hunts upon request - most are two hunters per one guide. All of our guides are experienced coyote hunters. They all know how to call (mouth calls, e-calls, variety of calls - ie. howlers, prey in distress calls, combinations of e-sounds, etc.), how to use decoys, how to effectively set up and work dogs in close.

4. What kind of services do you provide for your clients ?
Full-service, from pick-up/drop-off at airport, all excellent fresh and hearty meals, lodge accommodations, transportation during hunt, guide service, trophy care. We also have rifles available for rent if necessary. All equipment is usually state-of-the-art. We pride ourselves in offering outstanding service. We acknowledge hunting as a tourism industry and consider hosting our guests to require attention to detail and excellence.

5. What kind of hunts do you do: day, night, or both day & night ?
All day time hunts. It is unlawful to hunt at night in Alberta. We generally hunt from one half hour before sunrise to one half hour after sunset.

6. Contact info
Phone: 780.913.1021
Address: 20503 - 2nd Ave. S.W., Edmonton, Alberta, T6M 2S3, Canada

7. Venture North Outfitting Photos