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What is the better color light, green or red.

Advertising On CoyoteHuntingInfo Posted by Frank Jones on 29/12/2011
Do the newer green lights spook the coyotes or does it matter if I use green or red? I see green advertising they wont spook game but what about predators in general. If either will work does one work better including range.

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Answer by mary on 05/01/2012
Red is better than green for coyote hunting, because green affects human night vision.

Answer by Brian on 30/12/2011
One benefit of the red light, it harms your natural night vision less. Meaning, your eyes will recover and be able to see in the darkness quicker with a red light than other colors. That is why military flashlights use red lenses.

Answer by rob on 30/12/2011
I don't know about the green ones, but the red is definitely going to help you out. Most of the red lights on todays market should give you the needed lighting distance. You can check some of the videos on - and see people using their red lights.

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