Bow Hunting Coyotes

Hunting a coyote with a bow can be very entertaining but also very difficult, not all hunters can do it, but no one died trying! Of course if you are looking for efficiency rather than fun you should use a shotgun or a rifle to get proper results; but if you are out there just to have some fun then the bow is the perfect solution.

In order to improve your chances for success it is imperative to know how a coyote behaves in the wilderness. As most of you know, the coyote is one of the most adaptable animals in the world. They are constantly increasing their range, expanding their territory each and every single day. In order to be an efficient coyote bow hunter it is obligatory to overcome all of the coyote's sense as close as possible. This is what makes bow hunting one of the most challenging hunting activities available, but it can be done if you fully comprehend the coyote's behavior and take advantage of its flaws.
Choosing the appropriate bow can be a difficult thing to do; if you plan to purchase a stick bow you should consider buying a bow within 50-60 max range. On the other hand, if you plan to buy a compound, the advisable thing to do is to buy a bow in the 60-65 pound range. If you purchase a compound bow then you should buy one that has a higher brace height (the distance between the string and the bow's riser).

Just like choosing a bow, choosing the most suitable arrow is a difficult mater; you have to select the arrow shaft spine accordingly to the bow. It is advisable to consult an archer dealer, he will inform you what is the most suitable hunting equipment for your needs. Depending on what you will be hunting, carbons are more lighter and durable but they come at a high price. If you plan to use carbon ones you will observe that the trajectory will be flatter in comparison to what you were used to. If you don't want to spend big bucks on equipment you have the alternative: buy aluminum because they are less expensive - the downside is that they are a little heavier. If you plan to shoot coyotes from a respectable distance, a lighter shaft will help you aim better.

9 Coyote Bow Hunting Tips

Here are 9 tips that might come in hand if you plan to hunt coyotes using a bow:

1. Start practicing; you know what they say: practice makes perfect.

2. Scout the area often in order to find out what to expect when you will go hunting.

3. Your placement is very important. If you find yourself in the wrong place you are more likely to fail; be careful where you place your stand because you will have to take into consideration the wind which will give you lots of problems if your placement isn't appropriate.

4. You should be aware of the distance from which you will successfully shoot. For some hunters the distance is about 40 yards (approximately 36 meters), for other is 25 (approximately 30 meters) or less.
5. If you have questions don't be afraid to ask other experienced bow hunters. It is advisable to ask the owner of the area in which you will be doing your hunting, he surely knows all the tips & tricks and will give you more than useful tips that will improve your efficiency.

6. The biggest enemy will be the wind. You should use the power of the wind to your advantage.

7. Don't do all your hunts from one stand. It is advisable to change it every day.

8. Go hunting whenever you have the chance so that you will gain more experience which will help you on further hunting activities.

9. Finally, know your adversary, in this case the coyote! You have to know that the coyote is a very fast and intelligent animal. It won't give up without a fight.
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