Coyote Hunting Scopes

Choosing the most appropriate coyote hunting scope can be a very difficult thing to do but if you will continue reading this section, your choice might become a lot easier. A scope that is specifically designed for coyote hunting typically offers magnification at 3-4x the normal image and has a lens diameter of 30mm minimum which allows more accurate tracking of coyotes over a wider area.

A coyote scope should be fog-proof, water-proof and shock-proof due to the reason that most coyote hunts involve very fast movement, wading through marshes, crawling on the ground - so the hunter definitely wants a high-quality scope that can face up these factors. The scope must have adjustable lenses so that the hunter can use it on different type of rifles and for other types of hunting as well. When looking for a scope, hunters must search for scopes that have adjustable rings so they can quickly remove and align the scope on another gun if the situation imposes.
We all know that coyotes are small and sometimes they can be hard to find, requiring a keen eye. A reliable binocular and a suitable scope are absolute "musts" in this challenging world of coyote hunting. Due to the fact that these animals are well-camouflaged to their surroundings, they usually blend well with both the available cover and the ground. With good optics you will have the possibility to scan and more easily pick up distant movement.

Many of the hunters use their deer guns that have a regular 3x-9x scope and in a pinch, they can certainly do the job right. However, if you can upgrade this standard scope with something a little bit better, do not hesitate. Taking into consideration that you will be doing long-range shooting, variable magnification can turn out to be the difference between hitting a small-sized target and missing by mere inches. For this reason, it would be wise to get a rifle scope that was designed especially for long-range shooting. With other words, get those models that have a ballistic turret that will allow you to pre-set distances, e.g. 300, 400 yards.
This will eliminate the need to guess elevation to compensate for bullet drop which means that you will be more accurate. With coyote hunting, variable magnification can turn out to be a major asset. Why? Because in some situations coyotes are called in close, like 10-20 yards, while in other situations, you will have to deal with ranges further than 300 yards.

Remember that a high-magnification rifle scope that has a small field of vision will turn out to be impractical so it is best to avoid these models. With other words, try to get a variable scope with magnification from 2x to 9x, with a large field of vision. If the terrain you plan on hunting only permits shots of 50 yards or less, you might want to prefer open sights.

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