Coyote Traps versus Coyote Snares

Coyotes are a very challenging animal to catch, and as such, there are many different methods and techniques designed over the years, each with their own good and bad points. Coyotes live in many parts of the world. Each region has its own techniques from almost exclusively snaring in the North to mainly using leghols in the South. We have listed a comparison showing the pros and cons of snaring versus trapping. Both are very popular and effective methods of catching coyotes.

You can also find an evaluation giving the good and bad points about the Ram Power Snare. The power snare is a hybrid between a trap and a snare, and doesn't fit in with conventional snare or trap details. Our team member Ryan routinely catches hundreds of coyotes per year with the power snare, and has excellent knowledge of how they work. If you have any questions about this subject, feel free to post him a question in our Q & A section.



  • ● most common way to catch coyotes
  • ● lots of information available to learn proper usage
  • ● multiple sizes and styles to fit any situation
  • ● very effective
  • ● very humane when used correctly
  • ● ability to release unwanted animals
  • ● animals are fresh without spoilage
  • ● can be reused


  • ● expensive
  • ● heavy
  • ● require scent controls/waxing/dying
  • ● they are mechanical and prone to breakdown
  • ● difficult to keep functional in adverse weather
  • ● have a negative stigma
  • ● can cause stress to captured animals
  • ● requires animals to be dispatched
  • ● require frequent checks
  • ● animals create catch circles and tear up set area



  • ● lightweight
  • ● cheap
  • ● do not require scent control
  • ● not many moving parts to break
  • ● can be made/bought in any size necessary
  • ● very effective
  • ● work well in adverse weather


  • ● require a locking device to be lethal
  • ● cannot be used in open country
  • ● may require treatment to remove shine
  • ● are easily knocked over by animals
  • ● cause "water-heads" - swelling of the head
  • ● require frequent checks in warm weather
  • ● dead coyotes may be prone to spoilage
  • ● cannot be reused - one snare per catch


We have decided to put these in their own category since they don't conform to normal snare rules.


  • ● very effective - nothing more effective on the market
  • ● passed humane standards tests
  • ● no stress - coyotes are dead in 3 minutes
  • ● no water-heads
  • ● work in all weather
  • ● best used around baits on trails
  • ● not many moving parts
  • ● springs can be reused
  • ● absolutely no scent control required
  • ● replacement snares are cheap
  • ● no catch circles - location can be reused
  • ● no snare locks required - the Ram is the lock
  • ● break-away snares available to break for larger animals
  • ● very small cable used - coyotes cannot see snare
  • ● difficult to knock snare over


  • ● expensive
  • ● lethal for all catches
  • ● heavy
  • ● require extra cables or tie down
  • ● require frequent checks in warm weather
  • ●require large amounts of bait
  • ● cannot be used in open country
  • ● snares cannot be reused - one snare per catch
  • ● dead coyotes are prone to spoilage
  • ● not allowed by law in some locations or have special provisions