Coyote Trapping: The Blind Set

The blind set is constructed on a coyote's natural pathway with no bait or lure used. Once a natural travelway is found, a trap can be bedded on the trail, or a snare can be used. It is effective because the coyote does not expect the set to be there. You may also use a "jump stick" at a blind set. Since most game trails have different species of animals using them, a jump stick is added.
The jump stick is a horizontal or diagonal stick placed over the trap which is at a height that deer will jump over the stick and coyotes will walk under it. This is used to keep unwanted animals out of the sets. Another variation to the blind set is to make a trail for coyotes to follow. This works the best in deep snow conditions. You may use a vehicle, snowmobile, or your own feet to make trails in the snow. Coyotes will follow the easiest path and will readily walk along man made trails.

Blind Set Method Video