Coyote Mouth Calls

Many people switched to mouth blown calls because hand calls (especially Lohman) were no longer available - so forced by circumstances, hunters looked for efficient alternatives. An efficient product is the Circe P5 which has a raspy and gravelly voice, highly appreciated among hunting enthusiasts. The product has a minus due to the fact that it is metal reeded. Even if the Circe suffers from slobber-rot (a long day of calling and they have to be set aside to dry out), it still proved to be very efficient.

The plastic reeds in the Lohman models are much more forgiving to spittle. Except in sub-zero temperatures when they (along with metal reeded calls) freeze up - but this doesn't come as a surprise because all professional hunters know that under rough circumstances, callers lose their efficiency.

Here are the most important advantages of coyote mouth calls:
1. More affordable in comparison to electronic calls.
2. Easy to carry in the pocket or in the day pack.
3. The hunter has the possibility to easily control the volume when he is calling, along with the frequency.
4. Lots of products to choose from - many brands / models.

In addition, it is more gratifying to know that your own ability and skills have called the coyote to you, which means that your overall hunting pleasure will be higher. Add to this the fact that the emotions of the calling can be easily changed, you know now why so many people have been using them for years and years with proper results.
However, there are a couple of disadvantages that go with the territory, to name a few:
1. Obviously, you'll have to blow them, in many cases while moving around.
2. You'll have limited sounds for each call.
3. In cold weather, some of these products might freeze, leaving them useless.
4. A minimum skill level is necessary in order to make an efficient call which means that you will have to practice.

The fact there is more work involved in comparison to using electronic calls - so they are a real disadvantage for most hunters out there that prefer a more relaxing coyote hunting environment. Avoid getting very cheap products because as we mentioned, if the weather gets rough, they might freeze - you will not be able to use them anymore.

Top 3 Amazon Coyote Mouth Blown Calls

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