Coyote Howler Calls

Howling should be seriously taken into consideration by all hunters because in some cases you will have more efficiency by howling in comparison to other type of calls like the squalls of a dying rabbit for example. Hunters usually don't use this method due to the fact they find it useless and inefficient; you might want to reconsider that.

There are many howlers available on the market and when you purchase one, be sure that it comes with a guide so you will know exactly what to do. Practice makes perfect so give it a few tries and eventually you will get some good results. Howling is considered to be the best alternative to mouth blowing, but you need to know that it requires prior training in order to have visible results.

Here are some of the most important advantages of coyote howler calls:
1. You can make your own howling callers from a cylindrical piece of plastic that surrounds the reed so that no pressure is asserted to it.
2. Depending upon the wooden barreled call, the tone can be very efficient when calling.
3. If the make-shift howler takes less lung power to blow, you won't get tired right away.
4. It is a great way to stop a scared coyote by making a couple of whines.
To take full advantage of these howlers, we recommend that right after you have moved away from the car and as close as you can to the place where you will set up the stand, give a long lone locator-type howl and listen when you move into your standing location.

There are two sides to any story and coyote howlers do have their disadvantages as well:
1. You'll need to practice a lot before you get things done the right way as a minimum level of skill is required.
2. The multitude of products can be a disadvantage for amateur hunters because they don't know which one to pick.
3. During rough winter hunting days, some coyote howlers have the tendency to freeze.
4. The good ones are usually more expensive.

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