Electronic Coyote Calls

Becoming more and more popular among professional but also amateur hunters are the coyote electronic calls due to the fact that the young hunters don't enjoy the classic types of callers, preferring the hi-tech ones. These electronic calls come in a wide array of prices, ranging from $10 for a mini call to even $600 for the high-end models. If you want to operate from a distance, get a model with remote control. Some of these products will allow you to load the sounds that you want while others allow the hunter to fine tune the volume of the speakers to a prescribed distance.

When using one, you need to program a sequence of sounds and silence which will attract the coyotes in your area. Always test the speaker placement, remote control range, signal strength and battery before heading down to the hunting field. The setup of your equipment must be done 24 hours before the actual hunt. It is advisable to wear scent protection as well as rubber gloves in order to avoid leaving human scent on the equipment.

Here are some of the most important advantages of a coyote electronic call:
1. Easier to use in comparison to conventional calls.
2. They require less movement from the hunter.
3. A wide array of sounds that are stored in the caller can be used.
4. Suitable for handicapped hunters.

In addition, these coyote electronic calls are perfect for amateur hunters that want to learn how to call. Plus they can be used in conjunction with plenty of decoys and are perfectly suitable not only for coyote hunts, but also for ducks, geese and others.
You'll also have to take into consideration that there are a couple of drawback when we talk about the coyote electronic calls:
1. The very efficient models are usually quite expensive and you'll also have to pay for the batteries.
2. Some of them are quite bulky and hunters have a hard time carrying them around in the hunting field.
3. On cold weather, lifetime of the battery is pretty limited.
4. On the cheap electronic calls, the remote distance is not that great, plus the quality of the sound is pretty bad.

If you can afford to buy an expensive model, you can forget about these disadvantages. We advise you to carry extra sets of batteries if you will be hunting in a cold weather environment. You would be surprised of how low the life of a battery is on a very cold day.

Top 5 Amazon Coyote Electronic Calls

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